Your Pamper Party Hints and Tips

We have put together a simple document to help you, the pamper party host, organise the party and ensure all guests receive a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Hints and tips before the party –

  • Email the pamper party PDF to all your guests so they can have a look at the services we have to offer.
  • Ask all your guests to email you their chosen ‘mini treatment’ once you have all the requests email them over to us with the guest name and treatments and we will put an evening schedule together for you.
  • Please make sure all the guests have completed a consultation form. This helps to ensure nobody is allergic to any of our products.
  • Email your address, phone number, postcode and what time you would like us to arrive.

Hints and tips on the day of the party –

  • We will provide some candles and soft music but it is always a good idea to have your own ready before we arrive.
  • If you are not venturing out that evening then why not encourage your guests to wear comfortable clothes so they can relax – you could even suggest pyjamas!
  • Dare we say……..try not to have too much alcohol before and after massage treatments as the system will need to flush away released toxins, we can’t stop you but just so you are aware.
  • Finally if you are staying in one of the apartments or hotels in the city centre it may be a good idea to double check that it is ok for us to come. Please can you also let us know the room number so our girls don’t get lost!

Thank you and enjoy the party…

WE WORK WITH TOP QUALITY BRANDS: essie, cnd, sienna, minx