Amy and Mike’s wedding – Make up by Claire and hair by Amy.

Posted by Claire, at May 21, 2012

There are very few times when you are presented with an opportunity to collaborate with another business and those times are even more of a rarity when a good client brings you both together. This is precisely what happened when Amy, a lovely new customer of mine, introduced me to Amy Darrington.

Amy is a freelance hairdresser with a fantastic, solid reputation. Her portfolio of work and experience ranges from Saks to Nicky Clarke and she has now embarked on a new freelance hairdressing business in and around South Manchester. Our paths subsequently crossed, and we decided to meet up in Didsbury for a coffee (and a sneaky slice of cake)

Amy and I hit it off immediately and as luck would have it we very quickly realized that her clients were asking for beauty and mine hair – especially bridal hair so after much nattering we decided to do some cross marketing and word of mouth promotion. This brings us here, to our first wedding, Friday 18th May for Amy and Mike in Didsbury.

Once I arrived the hairdressing was in full swing with Amy working away putting hair in to rollers and calming the bridal party. I have to say the first thing I noticed was Amy’s extensive kit of tools and products, something for every hair type. I could tell she had done this before! I subsequently snatched the opportunity to take a few snapshots of her at work…….

Once my snapshots were complete I began the make up. For the bridesmaid I used a combination of the following products;

Base and Cheeks – Lauder Double Wear light foundation in number 1 with Lauder concealer and Make Up International bronzer, cheek highlighter and long wear blusher.
Eyes and Lashes – Bobbi Brown grey powder eye shadow with a tiny amount of Benefit eyeliner and Clinique mascara.
Lips – Lauder lipstick ‘Rose’
Tip – Apply one coat of lip gloss, blot with a tissue and then apply loose powder. Apply a second coat of lip gloss and this should last for hours.

For the bride;

Base and Cheeks – Lauder Double Wear foundation number 3 with Lauder concealer and Make Up International bronzer, cheek highlighter and long wear blusher.
Eyes and Lashes – Benefit ‘beautiful eyes’ eye contour kit followed by Benefit liner and Benefit soft powder liner to set. Clinique mascara was applied to the lashes as the bride had her own preference here.
Brows – Benefit ‘Brow Zings’
Lips Clinique lip liner, lipstick and gloss (all the brides own)
Tip – Lightly mist your face with hairspray once your make up is complete, this will help set it day to night.

Amy’s mother requested a very natural make up for the day, not too far from her normal every day look. This is a very common request from the mother of the bride as too much on the day can feel abnormally heavy.

The bridal hair looked stunning from the back…

The bridesmaid in her gorgeous green dress…

Finally the bride appeared in her stunning dress looking beautiful. Amy Darrington put the finishing touches to the hair by adding small diamante’s to the back of the hair and then to finish the vintage tiara.

What a morning! Emotions had run high and bucks fizz had been flowing helping to calm pre wedding jitters. In the end our work here was done and the wedding car arrived gleaming and glistening awaiting the bride. I would like to say a huge thank you to Amy, her sister and her mother for allowing us to take these pictures of your intimate wedding preparations. I hope you had a magical day and a huge celebratory party with close friends and family this evening.

Come to think of it there is a certain person I very nearly forgot to mention….. How could we forget you Matthew!

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